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Fresh Pasta Recipes

Easy Potato Gnocchi Recipe

STEPS 6 INGREDIENTS 2 TIME 2 HRS This weekend-friendly potato gnocchi recipe will help you produce super-soft, hand-made potato shapes that are perfect for smothering in your favorite sumptuous sauce or baking. Taught to me on a rainy winter’s day by my mamma-in-law Marisa, this gnocchi recipe requires just 4 things: • Potatoes (big ones) […]

Baked Pasta Recipes

Get In The Ring – Marisa’s guest-impressing baked pasta recipe

STEPS 10, INGREDIENTS 11, TIME 1-2 HRS (depending on ingredients) This baked pasta recipe is a real ‘circle of taste’. It’s called ‘pasticcio di ricotta e melanzane’ (which means a ‘pastiche’ of ricotta and eggplant). It rules because it employs one of Italy’s killer-ingredient combos: eggplant (aubergine), tomato, ricotta cheese and basil. Mmmm… I reckon […]

Pasta Sauce Recipes

How to make pesto

STEPS 1 INGREDIENTS 6 TIME 5 MINS This quick and easy video guide explains how to make pesto in just 5 minutes flat. Buy the 6 ingredients outlined in the first video, grab a small blender and cheese grater, and you’ll soon have enough fresh, crunchy Ligurian basil pesto to smother over your favourite pasta […]