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Pasta Sauce Recipes

Make It Meaty – bolognese sauce recipe

STEPS 7, INGREDIENTS 10, TIME 60 MINS This super-succulent, beef-packed bolognese sauce recipe works great mixed with wholesome spaghetti, however you can also combine it with any short pasta you prefer. I suggest short pasta such as ear-shaped conchiglie because these are better at ‘catching’ chunky sauces than other long pastas such as linguini. (Spaghetti […]

Seafood Pasta Recipes

Heidi’s salmon pasta recipe

STEPS 4 INGREDIENTS 9 TIME 25 MINS This lip-smacking salmon pasta recipe comes courtesy of a lovely Belgian reader called Heidi, and it really is one flavorful fish dish. When you taste this fish pasta, with its leek and onion crunch, fresh salmon strips, and subtle mix of herbs and spices, it’s hard to believe […]