‘Tale Of Two Fishes’ – spaghetti, tuna and anchovy recipe


This quick and easy anchovy recipe serves up a dish of seriously healthy pasta pleasure, because you get not just one brain-friendly fishy ‘hit’ but two.

spaghetti, tuna and anchovy recipe

Not only that, but this pasta meal is a cinch to cook – with just 5 steps in all and 8 ingredients (two of which are – duh! – olive oil and salt).

Best of all, unlike some similar dishes, this anchovy recipe actually requires very few anchovies (just 4 of these to serve 2 people), so you can save cash by buying the smallest pack or tin in the store.

Enough talk then, let’s hit the kitchen and feed our brains…

Serves 2

Ingredients: (For a printable PDF shopping list click here, or right-click this link and choose ‘Save target/link as’ to save the list for later.)

200g/7oz spaghetti

150g/5oz fresh tuna fillets or tinned tuna flakes/chunks

4 fresh (or tinned) anchovies

1 clove of garlic

1 tablespoon (20g/0.7oz) of capers

Half a 400g/14oz tin of chopped tomatoes


Extra virgin olive oil


Large pasta pan

Frying pan

STEP 1 – First, preparation and garlic browning.

– Make sure your capers are rinsed and no longer covered in salt (otherwise your creation will be way too salty!).

– Chop the ends off the garlic. Peel it and chop it into quarters.

– Using a medium heat hob, fry these garlic chunks in half a pan of olive oil, until the garlic turns light brown. When done, throw the garlic chunks in the bin (they’re not nice to crunch).


STEP 2 – Drop the 4 anchovies into the same oily frying pan and fry for 2-3 minutes until these dissolve and turn to paste.

STEP 3 – Add the capers and the tuna.

Tip: If you have any white wine lying around, you can also add quarter of a glass now.

Simmer for 7 minutes. (If using tuna fillet steak, gradually break it up into smaller chunks with a spoon or fork.)

When 7 mins is up, take the pan off the heat while we get the spaghetti going.

STEP 4 – Boil a kettle and get your large pan full of bubbling, boiling water. Then drop in the spaghetti – taking note of the cooking time on its packet.

– While the spaghetti is cooking, move the frying pan back onto a medium hob and add in the chopped tomatoes.

Fry and stir the whole sauce mixture for 4-5 minutes more.

STEP 5 – When the pasta is ready, drain this and drop it into the frying pan.

Mix and stir it all through for a minute, then serve.


That’s one quick and delicious anchovy recipe, right?