Which Montepulciano Italian wine should I go for?

by Helen

Hi Matt,

I'm planning a dinner party at which I'll serve two beef lasagne. I'm sure I've read somewhere on this site (on maybe your Pastastic newsletter?) that you once had a nice Montepulciano Italian wine that went beautifully with lasagna. True?

If so, please could you recommend where to buy it from? I really want the wine to be as good as the food!



Hi Helen, yes 'brunello di Montepulciano' red wine from Tuscany is a super-tasty, round and full bodied choice, meaning it suits meat dishes like lasagna perfectly.

As for where to buy it, I recently discovered a great US online store called Saratoga Wine Exchange. Find their Montepulciano wine selection here

Sadly, I can't my very favorite Italian red wine on their site today (it's a 'brunello di montalcino' rather than Montepulciano, but still...), however I know they stocked it until recently. For your future reference this bottle's called La Fortuna (see the maker here).

Do let me know which you choose and how it goes!


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