Vegetarian pasta recipes for lent?

by Peggie

One suggestion - crunchy Ligurian 'pasta al pesto'

One suggestion - crunchy Ligurian 'pasta al pesto'

Hi Matt,

Could you give me some recipes for lent that have pasta and vegetables with some sauce, but without meat?

I am tired of having grilled cheese & tomato soup during lent!


Hi Peggie, and thanks for your question. I'm sure other people have wondered the same thing, so hopefully they'll find this page in future and can get some tips.

Firstly, I suggest you browse my site's extensive vegetarian pasta recipes section. All of these pasta dishes are meat-free and - of course - easy to create.

My two suggested standout starter recipes are these two:

Pasta alla norma - a scrumptious South Italian dish of rich tomato and sweet molten eggplant.

And Ligurian style, crunchy pesto pasta - full of flavorsome basil and pine nut taste, accompanied by crunchy green beans and hearty potatoes.

I hope those recipes are helpful. Do let me know how you get on!

All the best,


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