Vecchia Napoli restaurant in Vevey, Switzerland

by Victoria
(La Tour-de-Peilz)

Vecchia Napoli is a little family-run Italian restaurant hidden in a narrow street near Vevey train station. Unfortunately it always seems packed, which is why you’ll have to reserve in advance if you want a table.

Since my husband and I never manage to think that far ahead, we always end up ordering take-away pizza. I think this is a whole more fun though: this way you get to watch your pizzas being made right in front of you.

Their pizzas are so delicious that we were hooked from the start and really haven’t found better pizza anywhere else. Now, whenever we feel like a night off cooking, we inevitably end up back at Vecchia Napoli!

I highly recommend the 'Vecchia Napoli' pizza (named after the restaurant) - it’s my absolute favourite and I never order anything else!

Vecchia Napoli
Rue des Bosquets 11
Vevey 1800
Tel: +41 21 922 9212/21 921 63 07

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Jun 02, 2012
Padrone e' un avaro. Cambio di 1 CHF per 1 EURO
by: Marco Pisa

Occhio al Padrone che e' un Avaro e pure Maleducato.

Mi ha concesso che pagassi in EURO (Non voleva Carta di Credito),

ma col cambio 1 CHF per 1 EURO.

Commissione 20%.

Sara' mica del Sud ?

Jun 13, 2012
Messagio per Marco Pisa...
by: Anonymous

La prossima volta vada à ritirare, se crede che l euro
vale ancora, 1 euro per 1.50 chf deve tornare sulla terra...
E caso mai in swizzera la moneta e il franco... Non ho mai mangiato una pizza cosi buona. E prima Di dire che il padrone e un ladro, guardi l economia in Italia!

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