The worst? Norpro pasta machine

by Joy Jameson
(San Diego, US)

I teach pasta classes and I have a variety of machines: Norpro is the worst, followed by Al Dente. These are cheap machines, which is why I bought them - just to have a few more for the students.

Imperia and Atlas are the best.


Hi Joy and thanks for your thoughts.

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Jul 14, 2011
What makes a pasta machine bad?
by: Nasim

Thank you! I almost bought the Norpro from Amazon. I'm glad I saw this first.

Why is this the worst machine? What makes a bad pasta machine? What makes a good one? Where do you teach classes?

I just tried making pasta for the first time and find it really fun and I'd love to learn how to do it properly.

Thank you!

Jul 15, 2011
It's about built quality (for which these machines rock!)
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi Nasim,

Glad to hear you are enjoying your pasta making!

I think Joy's point was mainly about the build quality of the Norpro - it simply doesn't appear to be as sturdy and longlasting as some slightly more expensive models.

That said, the Norpro is around half the price, and some folks are happy with it for the mix of functionality and value it offers (see D's review).

What makes a good pasta machine? Simply one that rolls the pasta well, with cutters that do the job well, and one that's built to last.

To this end, I think the best manual pasta roller buys (I cannot choose between them, they are both superb) are the Imperia SP150 and the Atlas 150 by Marcato.

Hope that helps!


Jan 31, 2014
Imperia pasta machine
by: Mary

Hi there, I agree with you with regards to Imperia being one of the best pasta machines. My mom has one (manual) that she has been using for over 20 years quite regularly and it is only now just showing signs of wear. I am presently looking to buy another one for her.

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