Soupy seafood pasta recipe?

Hi Matt,

I had a soupy seafood pasta lunch at Omar's in Ashland Oregon. The dish had shrimp, clams, steamer clams, scallops, chunks of lobster and crab, with garlic, white wine, and other real tasty flavors.

It was the best seafood dish ever and I want to serve the same. Do you have any great recipes for such a dish?

Thanks you,


Hi Jeanette,

The most applicable recipe I have on this site is my Your Choice Seafood Pasta Recipe.

With this dish you can - as its name implies - throw in whichever seafood you most prefer.

If you need help timing or cooking the seafood you choose (i.e. which takes the longest etc.), just give me a shout.

Cheers and buon appetito,

Matt :-)

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