Slimy ravioli

by Rita

Can I bake frozen raviolis to prevent them from turning slimy?

Thanks for your help,


Answer: Hi Rita and great question!

I'm guessing you are referring to ravioli, or any other parcel-type pasta, turning slimey when defrosting at room temperature. This is a common problem and one I've faced myself many times.

In fact, if they don't turn slimey then, there's still a good chance they will when in the pan!

The good news is that, yes, in most cases, you can cook them from frozen.

What I learned recently, from some lovely ladies in an Italian delicatessen in Rapallo, Liguria, is that small and average-sized ravioli - let's say up to 2 or 2.5 inches in diameter - can be boiled/cooked from frozen.

We've done this a few times recently and it works fine. Just instead of the usual 2 or 3 minutes you might need an extra minute. (Don't forget to only plop then in the pan when the well-salted water is boiling!).

The times when it doesn't apply are when you have made or bought what you might hear called ravioloni in Italy, in other words larger and super-sized pasta parcels. Our view 'chez moi' is that cooking from frozen doesn't give the ravioli middles to defrost and cook through before the edge sections are already ready, which makes it tricky to cook them just right.

Therefore with such big pasta parcels I'd suggest defrosting these bad boys at room temperature. Just place them on some well-floured kitchen paper and keep them very much separate - no slime-friendly overlapping bits of pasta!

I hope that's clear and helps. Great question. Buon appetito!


PS: In case you missed it, don't forget I've this whole page of ravioli recipes for your munching pleasure!

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