Super-simple ravioli recipes

Use these easy ravioli recipes to impress your dinner guests as you stuff succulent pasta parcels with luscious, fresh ingredients.

Below you’ll find links to all the ravioli recipes on this site, which currently range from everyone’s favorite spinach and ricotta ravioli to a meatfeast ravioli and a super-sweet butternut dish.

Of course to make ravioli you must start the process by making fresh pasta… but that’s simple too. I explain how.

Ready to impress then? Let’s get busy!

fresh pasta recipes Fresh pasta recipe collection

Click here first - and learn how to make fresh pasta dough from scratch. This page features various guides - picture recipes, video tutorials, plus red pasta and vegan versions. Check it out then pop back here to choose the recipe you'll try first.

spinach and ricotta ravioli Creamy ricotta and spinach ravioli

This is a very well-known ravioli dish and actually takes very little preparation once the fresh pasta is ready. Here we use semi-circle (or 'half-moon') ravioli shapes - meaning you only need a small glass to cut them. Really easy, and with its light butter and sage sauce, totally scumptious.

butternut squash ravioli Butternut squash ravioli

This is one of the sweetest ravioli dishes around... and it uses delectable butternut squash for both the filling and the sauce. And as for that aftertaste... wow, it just gets sweeter and sweeter. I think you'll love this one.

easy sausage ravioli Sausage ravioli

Take your favorite type of sausage, squeeze out the meaty middle, fry with a little tomato and pack inside succulent fresh pasta for a winning version of ravioli that tastes great just smothered in rich tomato sauce. Delish.

how to make eggplant ravioli How to make eggplant ravioli

This soft-fried veggie delight takes bright green spinach pansotti or 'half-moon' ravioli, packs them with eggplant/aubergine and basil bits, and covers the lot in a fresh cherry tom sauce. Takes a while, but special dinner guests tend to rave about this one so it's worth it!

easy mushroom ravioli recipe Open mushroom ravioli recipe

If you're looking to impress guests or your other half, this restaurant-quality ravioli recipe should certainly do the trick because it's scrumptious in an 'earthy' kind of way and it really looks the part. With fresh green spinach in the pasta and farmer's market greens, it's full of goodness too.

ravioli recipe Sweet potato ravioli recipe with crunchy butter sauce

This is the second pasta recipe I invented and it's Mamma Marisa-approved! Its pasta parcels are filled with mashed sweet potato with a hint of sage, covered in a smooth buttery sauce with a pine nut crunch. A real treat.

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