Problems getting the pasta through my machine

by Izzy
(Oxford, England)

I went to use my pasta machine (after a week or so) and every time I try to put dough through my (Imperia) machine the dough refuses to go right through. Instead it is getting stuck around the rollers.

I have tried using lots of flour but it still happens (was fine a couple of weeks ago!).

The only thing different is I am using Sainsburys pasta 00 pasta flour with durum.



Hi Izzy and thanks for your question.

This sounds like the problem is a result of your new dough ingredients being a bit off. Let's analyse what changed...

You said it worked fine a few weeks back. What was your made from then: What type of flour? With eggs or just water?

And the new version. Same questions.

In fact, I see some confusion maybe the with new dough version. Type 00 is basically usually just very fine plain flour. That means you need to add eggs to make your pasta dough.

However durum wheat 'semolina' flour, which you also mentioned in the same phrase, is used only with water when making pasta dough. So if you've combined that with eggs, this is maybe affecting the stickiness/consistency of your dough.

My very basic mental reminders then are...

* 00 flour + eggs (see this recipe)


* Semolina durum wheat flour + water (this recipe).

I don't interchange the ingredients of any of these across types.

Let me know your thoughts and any more feedback okay? I'd love to help you suss out a solution :-)


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