Name the Italian tomato sauce for seafood pasta

by Rita Hoskins

I would like to know the actual name of the tomato sauce used for seafood pasta.

Thank you Matt.

Response: Hi Rita and thanks for the question.

I actually have my mamma-in-law to stay right now, so we just had a chat about this over dinner.

Generally speaking, tomato sauce is tomato sauce. With fish, it's usually made using small or cherry tomatoes (see the second of these tomato sauce recipes).

However there is such a thing as 'ragu di pesce'. This has full fillets of cleaned fish which are dropped right there in the sauce (just like a last-minute version of a typical meat ragu). Ragu di pesce is made using tomato 'passata' (blended toms in a jar) rather than full fresh tomatoes.

Hope that helps Rita,


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