Minimal eggs and wholemeal pasta only - still worth buying a pasta machine?

by Christopher

First of all, thanks for the informative site.

Do the following requirements mean that I should forego buying a pasta machine?

1) I want to mininmize, though not quite eliminate, eggs.

2) I want to use only whole wheat.

Any tips are welcome.

Thank you,



Hi Christopher and thanks for your question,

Regarding reducing eggs (good plan health-wise, we're doing the same, along with meat, after having read and been blown away by The China Study), the non-egg durum wheat/semolina flour pasta you can make (see this recipe) can definitely be run through a pasta machine's rollers. You just need to be that bit more careful that it's been floured enough and therefore isn't too wet and gloopy.

As for making wholemeal pasta, this can be done with the help of a pasta machine too.

What I think I should point out however is that even fresh wholemeal pasta is still actually made with a 50/50 split of wholemeal and white flour. Try it with 100% wholemeal and you simply won't get the elasticity required to keep it supple and it will likely come out very hard and chewy. See this whole wheat pasta recipe for more details on that.

I hope that helps. In general, yes, I think a pasta machine could still be handy sir.



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