Making pasta dough: using food processors and flour for making ravioli

Hi Matt - can you make pasta dough in a food processor?

And is all 'semolina' pasta dough better for ravioli or is type 00 (super-fine double zero flour) better?


Response: Hi Chris and great questions!

To answer your second pasta question first, I usually use type 00 flour (or if I don't have any, I just substitute general-purpose/plain flour) rather than semolina durum-wheat flour.

This is because the plain type creates a dough that is, to my mind, stronger and tends to be less moist (moisture being the thing that can turn ravioli slimey and have them fall apart.

As for making pasta dough in a food processor, this is very possible, yes. I have an Italian colleague at work who uses a Thermomix all-in-on appliance (on food processor setting) to make all her pasta dough in just a few seconds flat.

The key I think is to get your ingredients proportions spot on (correct) - if in doubt, put less of the liquid content in there to begin with (i.e. the eggs or, for some cooks, the water), then add this gradually. Of course, if it's too liquidy you can always pop in a little more flour anyway.

Just experiment with that until you gain a little experience (trial and error rules!), but certainly it's possible.

Hope that helps Chris,


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