Lello 3000 Promaster review

by Bill

Just got done using this electric pasta maker for the first time and it worked just fine.

You do have to hold the pasta as it comes out so that it doesn't bunch together. I checked the consistency of the pasta after 10 minutes. It didn't feel too wet or too dry so I went ahead and made my first batch of lasagne noodles.

Since I was the only one doing it, I would stop the machine and lay the noodles on the rack. I did this til all the mixture was about gone. I did have to stop it to break the chunks up smaller so they could go into the slotted hole.

The machine was on the noisy side but no complaints from me. I froze what I had leftover which will get me thru another lasagne meal.

The lasagne was even better with the fresh noodles. I have the parts in the dishwasher and will check to see how easy the clean up was.

Nice machine - would recommend it!

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Thanks Bill!
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Great review Bill... I'm sure these comments will help readers to make up their minds about buying this machine. (And please feel free to add any additional comments once you've got to grips with cleaning the beast!)

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