Lasagna for a party

by Toni Garcia
(Kingsville, Texas)

We are having a graduation party on Friday and my daugher wants lasagna. Can I prepare it ahead of time, freeze it and bake it that day?

I'm serving about 50 people. Can I bake the lasagne in a foil pan? I need help as I've never had to cook so much!

Answer: Hi Toni, don't worry, the answer to all these questions is yes!

We've used the foil pans or trays before and they work great.

As for making your lasagne, just cook the sauce and build the lasagne. Then freeze as normal. Alternatively, you can keep them chilled in the fridge for up to a day.

Defrost at room temperature if frozen, then cook in the oven at 350F/180C for appox. 20 minutes. It's much better to freeze them uncooked like this, as this way they don't have to go in the oven twice over (drying them out a little).

Hope that clears things up. Best of luck and congratulations to your daughter! :-)


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