Italian Cookbooks: Cooking the Roman Way: Authentic Recipes from the Home Cooks and Trattorias of Rome

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

Kicking off with the dreamy line of "Close your eyes and imagine you're in Rome, seated al fresco in the sun on a rooftop terrace....", this book of largely trattoria and Italian restaurant recipes is a capital idea!

Featuring over 100 dishes in total - spanning antipasti through to dessert and everything between - this book sees David Downie doing a Jamie Oliver-style tour of Rome's little eateries and backstreets, all in the name of bringing you delectably authentic meal guides.

The regional specialties he talks you through include bucatini all'amatriciana (hollow spaghetti with a bacon tomato sauce), baked monkfish on lemon potatoes, a summer-refreshing coffee granita and dried figs stuffed full of almonds and soft ricotta cheese.

Using clearly explain recipe steps and plenty of pictures, this is a definite must-buy for fans of 'The Eternal City' and its cuisine.

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