Italian Cookbooks: 1,000 Italian Recipes

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

If you don't like buying a lot of Italian cookbooks but instead like the ones you do buy to last you, well, forever, then this epic release will certainly tick your boxes.

In terms of numbers, this book features an astounding list of dishes, as it contains 179 pasta dishes, 241 animal (meat, poultry or fish) entrees, 158 veggie meals, a whopping 179 desserts and more.

The crucial question then is this: how about the quality of these recipes? Are they all easy to follow and authentically tasty, or just there to make up the numbers?

The answer, surprisingly you might think, is that Michele Scicolone's classic meals are of the highest quality. It's just that you get more of them than normal.

Take those sumptuous little balls of taste, gnocchi, for example. In Scicolone's tome you don't get one gnocchi recipe, but there are all kinds of variations covered - original gnocchi, gnocchi with lamb ragu, gratineed gnocchi, with spinach, seafood, and a Sorrento style gnocchi with marinara sauce and moist mozzarella cheese.

Then just imagine that kind of breadth for each and every Italian dish you can think of. That is the appeal of this monster-sized read. It's really quite a book.

Check out our full Italian Cookbooks Guide.

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