How to make lasagna - cook it first?

by Jill DiGiovanni

I was reading through your spinach lasagna recipe and have a question about how to make lasagna... do you use the no-cook lasagna or do you boil the lasagna noodles before assembling the recipe?


Answer: Hi Jill and thanks for your question.

I use normal, off-the-shelf dried pasta - usually the Barilla brand (Italy's biggest seller). I never pre-cook lasagna sheets/noodles at all... as neither I nor my Italian family-in-law teachers believe this is necessary.

(Ideally, when I have time, I find it's even better to make fresh pasta - see the dedicated section on this site. Note however that my mamma-in-law does boil/cook this before making the lasagna. Why, erm, I'm not sure!)



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