How long to cook fresh pasta?

Hi Matt,

How do you determine the cooking time for fresh pasta?


Answer: This is a great question and it's something that many new fresh pasta chefs sometimes struggle with - I know I did!

A general rule is 1-2 minutes.

So... bring your big pan full of well-salted water to the boil, then carefully drop in your fresh pasta (if it's long pasta a squirt of olive oil can help avoid sticking).

Stirring very regularly, time the 1-2 mins from when the water is boiling again. This should ensure standard pasta shapes are cooked.

It may require a little longer if your pasta is abnormally thick, like the join sections of smaller ravioli can be.

As always... if in doubt, pull a piece of pasta out and taste it. Or you can chop it in half. See any white still in its middle? Then cook it a little longer (for truly al dente, a thin line of white is okay).

I hope that helps. In my experience, this cooking fresh pasta issue is only confusing the first few times, then after a while you can 'see' the difference in the water. Step 1 is rising to the surface, but the second step (when it's ready), is when the pasta fluffs out and becomes a little larger. After a while, you can see when that happens. Then drain and munch!


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