Fun shaped pasta for every occasion

Thanks to the huge number of types available, fun shaped pasta is really easy to find. Such silly pasta shapes are particularly great for:

• Keeping kids entertained at meal times

• Creating delicious, slow-energy-releasing party food

• Serving up pasta dishes to suit special guests (pasta bells for the bride and groom anyone?)

On this page I'll describe and display some amusingly shaped pasta treats, as well as suggesting which occasions these pastas might be perfect for. Let's get started...



Farfalle (Bow Ties)

Italian for ‘butterflies’, farfalle are little rectangle-shaped pasta shapes that have been pinched together in the middle.

Expect kids to pretend to wear these, so mucky collars will probably be the order of the day! (Farfalle picture courtesy of Jim Simandl.)

Note: farfalloni' refers to large farfalle (should you find these in the store instead). This 'oni' word ending is explained in more depth here.

fun_shaped_pasta_corzetti_coin_pasta Corzetti

From the Liguria region in the North West of Italy, corzetti are pasta circles marked to look like ancient stamped coins.

Great for themed Roman parties - learn how to make fresh corzetti here. (Picture courtesy of


These pasta shapes resemble nibbly ‘little ears’ and come from the Puglia region.


Ruote (Wagon Wheels)

A seriously fun shaped – and table cloth ruining - pasta for mini misters, route simply means ‘wheels’ in Italian.


Perfect for preening princesses, sagne are curled pasta shapes that resemble ringlets. These fun pasta shapes are sometimes also called ‘sagne incannulate’ and can measure up to 13 inches in length.

fun_shaped_pasta_sacchetti_pasta_sack FOR BANKERS


Named after the Italian phrase for ‘beggar’s purses’, sacchietti are little pasta sacks that are stuffed just like ravioli. (Thanks to for the pic.)



Fusilloni are simply extra-large fusilli, in other words big corkscrew-style pasta shapes.




Capanelle resemble church bells (as campanelle means ‘bellblowers’ in Italian).

However to my mind, their fluted edges also look like the petals of a 'foxglove' flower.

(Thanks to lccavender for the great photo.)

Learn more about different types of pasta here

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