Freezing spinach and ricotta ravioli

by Jona

I was wondering... when you make a batch of spinach and ricotta ravioli, can you freeze it to use later?

Or else, how do you store the ravioli if you can't cook it the day you make it?


Response: Hi there Jona.

In terms of freezing ravioli, the answer is yes, you can freeze them.

What I suggest is that you make the fresh pasta, produce the filling (which involves cooking the spinach of course), then create your ravioli parcels and freeze them fresh.

Then next time just defrost at room temperature and boil them up as you would pasta normally.

I hope that's clear. (And in case you missed it, here's my spinach and ricotta ravioli recipe.)

Buon appetito!


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About freezing ravioli
by: Anonymous

Hi Matt - do I wait for it to dry before freezing it, or can I freeze it right after I make it?

Answer: Hi there - I would freeze it immediately, as otherwise it can become soggy and fall apart - see my full new explanation of when this happened to me, on this ravioli recipe page!

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