Freezing baked lasagna

I baked two small pans of lasagna last night. We had one for dinner and I wanted to take one to my in-laws tomorrow.

I kept the second cooked lasagna in the refrigerator last night. My question is, can I now wrap and put that lasagna in the freezer, freeze and then take to my in-laws to eat in the days to come.

My in-laws are very old now and can no longer cook for themselves. They do not enjoy eating out so I now want to try and start making them food I can freeze form them to have every week. Thank you so much for your help.

Answer: Hi there, and sorry for the delay (I fear I'm too late to help this time but can maybe advise for next...).

In short, yes! You certainly can do that. Just be sure your in-laws defrost the lasagna at room temperature during the day they want to eat it for dinner.

Tip: since they're just two people, if your lasagna is a large one of more than two servings, I would suggest dividing it into 2-person chunks and giving them these in Tupperware that they can freeze/defrost separately.

Hope that helps!


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