How To Make Farfalle Pasta Shapes

Farfalle pasta - often called ‘bowtie pasta’ - is a great little pasta shape to make fresh, and perfect for matching with chunky sauces.

bowtie pasta recipe

In fact if you make it scratch, bowtie pasta is actually tastier than the packet stuff, because you can avoid it becoming thick n’ chewy in the middle (like some packet versions can be).

All you need is a ravioli cutter to make those frilly bowtie edges. (Don’t have one? I recommend this Mario Batali model. Otherwise just use a knife and live without the frills).

Oh, before we start! The bowtie pasta recipe below only deals with turning fresh pasta dough into farfalle, meaning I assume you’ve made – or will make – your dough separately. Don’t know how? Follow this simple how to make pasta video then pop back here.

See all my pasta videos on YouTube here.

farfalle pasta shapesSTEP 1 - With your homemade pasta dough rolled nice and thin, take a sharp knife and cut it into 1½-inch-deep horizontal strips.

STEP 2 - Working from right to left, use your ravioli cutter (or knife) and chop each strip (vertically) to form 2-inch wide rectangles.

STEP 3 - Now the real creative farfalle pasta part.

bowtie pasta recipeTake one pasta rectangle and place your index (first) finger in the centre. Use your thumb and second finger to pull the top and bottom edges together, then slip your index finger away at the last second and squidge these edges together so that they stick.

Repeat, repeat, repeat a little more, and you’re done.

To cook your farfalle:

Throw the bowties into a large pan of boiling salted water (half a handful of salt for a 2-person serving is a good rule of thumb). When the farfalle shapes rise to the surface, which happens in a minute or so, drain them, smother in sauce and serve.

Need sauce ideas? Try these pasta sauce recipes.

Recommended Tool: pasta rolling machine

A pasta machine will speed up your pasta rolling, and give you some valuable long pasta options.

Check out my full review - with video - of the excellent Imperia pasta machine.

I use this piece of kit myself - it's great value, built like a rock, and available with a range of accessories for cutting and making all kinds of pasta.

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