Mmm… totally easy spaghetti recipes

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? These easy spaghetti recipes are authentically Italian and completely beginner-friendly. Here's hoping you'll love them.

I’ll start you off with traditionally scrumptuous spaghetti and meatballs, moving through classics like spaghetti carbonara and ‘spag bol’ (spaghetti bolognese), and finishing up with a fantastically fishy anchovy dish.

And of course, I’ll be adding to these spaghetti recipes over time, so be sure to check back soon for yet more mouth-watering meals.

Buon appetito!

spaghetti and meatballs recipe Spaghetti and meatballs recipe

Super soft balls of tomato-drizzled beef and breadcrumbs are, for me at least, one of the very best spaghetti accompaniments, and this version is really surprisingly easy. It’s an Italian staple anyone can make - I really think you’ll love it.

baked spaghetti recipeSimple baked spaghetti with tons of toms

This baked spaghetti dish is really a tomato lover’s treat as there’s little else in it. It was taught to my mamma-in-law Marisa by her mother, Linda, who was my wife's grandma. Authentic enough for you? ;-)

easy spaghetti bolognese recipeSpaghetti bolognese recipe

This ultra-easy ‘spag bol’ recipe is equally authentic and sure to smack the lips of every meat eater. Interestingly, it’s less rich than the heavier Western versions you may have had in the past. In short, heavy on the meat but easy on the tomatoes. Trust me, this approach works just fine!

easy spaghetti recipeEasy spaghetti recipe with nuts

I use this dish to impress guests who might otherwise think pasta a little passé and it works every time. It twins posh porcini mushrooms with your choice of earthy walnut or moreish pistachio. Scrummy stuff.

seafood pasta recipeSeafood spaghetti

This is probably the most flexible dish on this whole site, as you decide what seafood goes in it – prawns, shrimps, clams, mussels, whatever you prefer really. It’s one heck of an oily delight.

Spaghetti & anchovy recipeeasy anchovy recipe

Two protein-packing hits of mouthwatering fish in one quick-to-prepare spaghetti recipe. Just make sure you rinse the salt off those capers first (using lukewarm water) - or else it really will be a case of salt overload (believe me, I made this mistake!).

spaghetti carbonara recipeSpaghetti carbonara recipe

One of the most trafficked recipe pages on my entire pasta site, this eggy treat is ridiculously moreish; it gets rave reviews each and every time I serve it. (Just remember a cloth to wipe your chin…)

zucchini pastaSpringtime zucchini pasta

This light spaghetti recipe is full of seasonal spring flavors, including sliced spring onion and torn up zucchini flowers. A subtle and oily dish, it really makes a great quick lunch.

spaghetti dish recipe'Sweet Strip' spaghetti dish

My first recipe invention, this slick, oily spaghetti treat features the sweet molten taste of heavily grilled red capsicum peppers, along with your seasoning of choice. Really simple, really tasty.

spaghetti dish recipeSpaghetti al pomodoro' with pure tomato sauce

One of the easiest spaghetti recipes on this size and truly a dribble-inducing dish of glorious tomato taste. When you're really craving pasta but short on time, this dish works a treat.

spaghetti recipeSpeed-Cheese spaghetti recipe

This wonderfully cheesy dish features just 4 ingredients and takes just 10 minutes to make - start to finish! With a great aromatic peppery taste it's well worth bookmarking for those days when making dinner seems a real chore.

Look out for more easy spaghetti recipes arriving here soon...

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