Doughy cappelletti pasta - what went wrong?

by Dawn Saviano-Kahn
(Chicago, IL)

Our family makes a stuffed pasta called cappelletti, which my grandmother has made since before I was born. She is not with us any more.

On Thanksgiving we had a disaster when our beloved cappelletti stuck together in the brodo (Italian for stock - Matt) and they came out doughy and all broken apart.

We handmake these and freeze them a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

We cook approximately 1,500 of these in the brodo.

Everyone had their opinion on what went wrong...

- the dough was too soft
- we didn't let the dough sit long enough before rolling it out with the pasta machine
- we froze too many cappelletti at a time on a cookie sheet
- the cappelletti should have been spaced more apart on the cookie sheet when freezing
- we didn't let them freeze long enough before bagging them
- there wasn't enough brodo for the number of cappelletti...

Any additional thoughts on what we did wrong Matt?




Hi Dawn and thanks for writing in.

I'm discussing your query with Mamma Marisa at present, so we'll provide a full answer here shortly.

Since I just found something that's very interesting, I wanted to post this here before I forget:

A wonderful video guide to making cappelletti (little hat pasta)

Hope you (and other readers) enjoy it!


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