Do you have an alfredo sauce recipe?

I am making some fresh spinach portabella and goat cheese ravioli. Do you think alfredo sauce will go well with this?

This is my first time making it. Usually the first time I make anything it turns out wonderful, but afterwards not so wonderful. Can you help?

And if you have any recommendations on fresh pasta lasagna, I would love that too.....

Thank you,



Hi Christine.

Whilst I don't have an alfredo sauce recipe on this site just yet, the butter and parmesan cheese sauce you mention should work well with blue cheese and spinach.

This page seems a good place to start, as far as learning your way around alfredo is concerned.

As for fresh pasta lasagna, simply follow my wife's simply delicious meat lasagna recipe. But instead of using dry, uncooked packet pasta... make your fresh pasta (see my pasta cookbook of interest. It has whole sections of easy-to-print fresh pasta guides and lasagna recipes inside, plus it comes supplied with a free exclusive Lasagna 101 guide and downloadable fresh pasta video guides!

Ciao :-)


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