Luscious cream sauce pasta recipes

salmon pasta recipe cream sauce pasta recipes

If you're a big fan of the fresh taste of dairy, these cream sauce pasta recipes should be right up your street.

We start off simply with a moreish cream n' bacon penne dish, before cracking on to make bechamel sauce and pouring this over some chunky rigatoni to make a serious winter warmer of a dish. It's scrummy stuff.

So enough chatting, let's get these cream sauce pasta recipes under way!

penne pasta recipe Easy cream penne pasta recipe

This bacon-packed treat is almost too easy for words - it features just 4 key cooking steps and takes just 15 minutes from start to finish. And... I should mention this, it's utterly moreish, so I think your family or dinner guests will just love it.

Bechamel sauce recipe bechamel sauce recipe

The great thing about bechamel sauce, aside from its thick, syrupy consistency and creeeeamy taste, is that making it is just a case of stirring slow. And you can use it in so many dishes - the rigatoni bake below is one but it also works rather well in lasagna. Just be sure to limber up your stirring arm as it'll get some work!

easy baked rigatoni recipe Baked rigatoni recipe

Now we've mastered bechamel, this dish makes the most of it to create a meaty, cheesy, seriously stomach-filling beauty with just a subtle hint of woody nutmeg. Make sure you're real hungry before you indulge in this one, and certainly don't plan any sport afterwards!

salmon pasta recipe Easy salmon pasta recipe

Direct from a Belgian reader called Heidi, this fish & cream winner is just delightful. Its subtle leek and onion crunch, those fresh salmon strips, its subtle blend of herbs and spices - it's just, mmm, delicious. Not only that, but it's oh so simple to prepare.

penne alla vodkaPenne pasta with vodka sauce

Two shots of vodka in a pasta dish? What nonsense is this? Well it's pink creamy nonsense, and while it won't get you drunk (that would just be weird), it will wallop your taste buds with a hit of serious taste.

easy creamy pasta recipeDad's fave crunchy n' creamy pasta recipe

My Dad is a confirmed meat lover, but after eating this Sicilian penne plateful he instantly declared it his new favorite pasta dish. That's because this crunchy almond, ricotta and breadcrumb offering is about as moreish as it gets.

asparagus pasta recipeGreen mongrel asparagus pasta recipe

This nutritious green-sauced baby is one real mongrel of a dish - created by taking a little Venetian menu inspiration, adding a Mamma Marisa tip, then making some additional amendments ourselves. The process was complex, but the result is pure taste.

asparagus pasta recipeCreamy mushroom pasta sauce

This creamy pasta sauce is all about velvety smoothness. With its delicious mixture of posh porcini mushrooms and sumptuous full-fat cream, it just rolls over fresh pasta and your tongue.

easy baked rigatoni'Down The Dairy Tube' - Baked rigatoni recipe with zucchini b├ęchamel sauce

This delectable baked rigatoni uses another bechamel sauce version, which is a little more veggie-clever than the standard recipe further up this page. Flexible and delectable, this is one heck of a moreish dish.

pistachio sauce pasta'Crunch n' Munch' - Casarecce pasta with pistachio, bacon and cream

Mini-penne casarecce pasta, cooked to perfection, smothered in oily pistachio nuts with chunky bacon bits and velvety cream. Just as tasty as it sounds...

Extra recommendation: Have you slopped pasta sauce down your shirt? Have the kids thrown it everywhere? Check out my friend Taylor's excellent stain removal guide.

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