Carraba's Italian Grill, USA

by Suzie Price
(Marietta, GA, USA)

I know it's "just" a chain, but I love Carraba's Italian restaurant. The pasta dish: Tagliarini Picci Pacchiu with grilled shrimp is wonderful.

I order a small take-home box BEFORE I start so I can put half away to take home. It's so good, I always over eat if I don't do that.

The pasta is so fresh, there's tons of garlic and the tomatoes - it's just so yummy.

I like that they serve their wine in Quartino size, which is bigger than a glass, but not too much. I always order the Pinot Noir.

My husband loves the Italian Chicken pizza.

We always order the same thing. Always good.
Love the place...

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