Can I make the pasta dough tonight and cut tomorrow? What is the best storage for long duration resting?

I have a dinner party tomorrow night and don't have enough time do make the pasta, rest it, cut it and cook it. Can I make the dough tonight and cut and cook tomorrow night?



Answer: Hi Charmaine - great question.

What you can do is make the fresh pasta as far as creating the dough ball (i.e. after you have folded and turned this for 5 mins to trap little air bubbles in it - see Step 5 on this page). Then you can wrap this in clear film and keep it in the fridge until the next day.

Tomorrow just take it out, let it warm through a little (for a few mins), and roll flat/chop etc.


PS: I would always suggest cooking the pasta the same day/time as you plan to eat it - with one exception: unless it is a lasagna or another baked pasta dish, in which case it's often even scrummier when reheated and eaten the day after.

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