Bought the Imperia SP150, yes!

by Peg
(Maryland, USA)


A while back I had some struggles with making pasta with a Bed Bath and Beyond pasta maker (see this post - Matt). I went and returned it. And now after several weeks I have my new Imperia pasta machine and am loving it.

It is so much sturdier and works wonderfully! Takes me a while still but I am rolling out that homemade pasta regularly.

Thanks for all your help in the past Matt!


Matt: I'm glad you're liking it too Peg, and don't worry - the dough making will get quicker and quicker as you practice. Next step, making some interesting shapes like ravioli and farfalle bowtie pasta!

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Can't get the pasta to cut into spaghetti
by: Patty & Jon

We ran the pasta thru the machine until we got the sheets just right, and then we let them dry for 10 minutes. Then we tried to run the sheets thru the spaaghetti cutter, and the pasta would not go thru no matter how hard we tried. The pasta thin and dry and not sticky. It just won't even grab enough to go through.

Any ideas as to how to get this to work right? Never mind. We looked inside the cutter and found out one of the wheels wasn't spinning because the pasta machine is broken. One of the gears was broken off. It looks like we'll have to return this one and get another one. Better luck next time, I hope!

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