Atlas Pasta Maker Bargain!

by Sharon

I was so excited to find my Atlas pasta maker at a yard sale! I had been wanting one and was in the process of researching which one to get.

My husband and I were browsing around at this yard sale when he waved at me from the other side of the yard. He was as excited as I was. I went over to see what kind of treasure he'd found.

It is a like-new Atlas Pasta Maker..... the only issue was the crank was missing. We asked the woman running the yard sale and she said she probably had the crank up in her kitchen drawer and would call us if she found it.

For 5 bucks we decided to take the chance and purchased it. I left our phone number wondering if we'd really ever hear from her again. Turns out she is a pretty nice person and did take the time to look that evening and gave us a call. She found it!

So for 5 dollars I am now the proud owner of an Atlas.

I've enjoyed your Atlas video tutorial Matt. It is really helpful to actually see how the pasta comes out.

So far it has worked great. I've only made whole wheat egg noodle pasta, but I am eager to experiment.

I have a bunch of dried spinach and swiss chard from my garden last year. It is crumbled and I wondered if I could make a green pasta out of it. Any suggestions? Can I combine this with wheat flour?

Thanks for a great site.


Response: Hi Sharon and congratulations on that great bargain - I love the Atlas pasta machine, it's seriously sturdy and produces great pasta.

Regarding the spinach, I don't think dried spinach will cut it. What you need is fresh spinach that you cook down (wilt) and then blend to use as half the liquid component of your dough. Not quite sure how you would do that with dried spinach.

That said, we do have a recipe on the site that a chef near Genoa, Italy, taught me (see this page), which involves rolling parsley leaves into the pasta dough. I wonder if that approach is worth a try, or if it would still lead to hard crunchy bits in the final pasta.

Nice to hear from you Sharon... do let me know how you get on!


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