'Easy prep' artichoke pasta recipe


This artichoke pasta recipe comes direct from the cookbook of my mamma-in-law's Sicilian friend Nuccia Pelliccia. It takes a vegetable many people shy away from and turns it into a fresh tasty Italian treat.

artichoke pasta recipe

Why isn't artichoke used more often? I'm not sure. It tastes great, strong and really crunchy.

Maybe it's because people aren't sure how to prepare it?

Well we'll cover that here, and it's not difficult. (If it were, I'd never have managed it myself!)

So let's get this artichoke pasta recipe rolling. All you need is 25 minutes and a serious love of crunchy veg...

Serves 4

Ingredients: (For a printable PDF shopping list click here, or right-click this link and choose 'Save target/link as' to save the list for later.)

4 small artichokes

1 clove of garlic

400g/14oz penne pasta

4 sprigs/stalks of parsley

50g/1.75oz grated parmesan cheese

1/2 a lemon

Extra virgin olive oil




Frying pan (ideally with lid)

Deep pan/skillet (for pasta)

Cheese grater

STEP 1 - Let's prep these ingredients...

- De-stalk, wash and tear the parsley leaves

- Grate the parmesan cheese

- Peel and thinly slice the garlic clove

- Prepare a bowl of water and squeeze lemon juice into it

STEP 2 - Now we 'clean' the artichoke:

- Chop off its stem

artichoke pasta recipe - Peel away its outer layer of leaves (if they are prickly, wear kitchen gloves)

- Chop each artichoke longways into quarters and cut out the fuzzy beard-like 'heart' section from each

- Drop these quarters immediately into the lemon water (so they don't turn brown)

STEP 3 - Half fill the frying pan with oil, add the garlic, and pop on a medium heat.

- While the oil warms, chop the artichokes longways into 1cm slices

Tip: Use a large chef's knife if possible; it's less likely to slip and hurt you than a small paring knife.

artichoke pasta recipe - When the oil is hot, add the artichoke slices, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of water. Cover if you have a lid and stir regularly.

- Boil up a full pan of water (two kettles is quickest), add a handful of salt, and cook the pasta as its packet says. Keep stirring the artichokes throughout.

STEP 4 - When the pasta is ready, drain it and add into the frying pan along with the grated parmesan.

Take off the heat, stir well and serve.


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