Cook like a real Italian mamma!

Pastastic - The Recipe Book brings authentic pasta know-how direct to your kitchen!

As anyone who has visited Italy knows, there’s often a world of difference between the scrumptious local pasta you find there and the ‘Italian’ food served up elsewhere around the world.

Pastastic Pasta Cookbook So why not indulge your pasta obsession properly, by learning how to make it the Mamma Marisa way?

Marisa is my ever-patient Italian mamma-in-law, and it’s her that has taught me a myriad of delectable, mouth-watering Italian pasta dishes.

• Does your mouth water thinking about luscious lasagna?

• Do you crave forkfuls of succulent spaghetti?

• And is your chin only truly happy when there’s scrumptious sauce dribbling down it?

Then Marisa’s recipes, translated by me into clear and simple English, are just what you need in your kitchen!

Pastastic - The Recipe BookPastastic - The Recipe Book is an easy-to-print digital pasta cookbook featuring over 125 pages of Mamma Marisa’s totally authentic Italian pasta recipes.

And it comes with a great big bundle of FREE extra guides and videos.

Whether you’re a complete kitchen beginner or an enthusiastic cook looking for new pasta variations, Marisa’s divine dishes will have you coming back for more, again and again.

Here's what Pastastic customers are saying about it...

“Pastastic is easy easy easy! The recipes are a delight and taste delicious. Their simplicity and the wide variety is ideal for anyone who loves to cook something tasty, healthy and cheap.

"This really is a must-have for your recipe book collection and one you will refer to time and time again.”

- Elena Pirrera

“What a great little book. It truly lives up to it's name. The recipes are so easy to follow and there is such a good variety, including really delicious sauces to accompany them.

"I love pesto, so the first one I made was the Ligurian Pesto Pasta - heaven! We all loved it. Then the spaghetti carbanara - supreme! Pastastic is now printed out and is on my kitchen book-shelf. It's such good value I highly recommend it to anyone who loves pasta or mediterranean food.”

- Gaynor,

Bring Marisa's skills into your kitchen for just $7.95!

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What recipes are inside?

Pastastic - The Recipe BookIf doesn’t matter if you have a clue about cooking or not, with Pastastic all you need is a love of pasta and a healthy appetite.

Cooking on a tight budget?

Most of Pastastic’s recipes use just a few common, non-expensive ingredients (in Italy, good eating is rarely expensive eating).

Pastastic - The Recipe BookLooking to impress your partner?

Marisa’s recipes will help you get way more creative than simply serving up spaghetti bolognese (though the real ‘spag-bol’ recipe is there too!)

Or do you simply love to cook?

If you’ve tried all the recipes in your existing pasta cookbook, Pastastic – The Recipe Book is a great choice as it features pages of new Italian fare I’m sure you won’t have tried. Marisa will also get you making fresh pasta for the first time… she did me! It’s delicious…

You’ll find a huge range of pasta pleasers inside Pastastic, ranging from classics like beef lasagna, spaghetti bolognese and carbonara sauce, to many dishes I’m sure you won’t have tried, such as earthy porcini and pistachio spaghetti, butternut squash ravioli, 'La Genovese', and face-widening blue cheese rigatoni.

Pastastic - The Recipe BookShort on time?

25 recipes are ready in under 30 mins!

Cooking for a vegetarian?

You'll find over 20 veggie-friendly meals inside!

Pastastic - The Recipe BookFeeling adventurous?

Make your own dough and discover the fresh pasta difference!

At home for the day?

Join the 'slow food' movement by cooking up Marisa’s sumptuous ragu sauce.

Here’s the first Contents page to whet your appetite…

Pastastic - Pasta Recipe Book - Pasta cookbook - Contents page

pasta recipes made easy
Pastastic Recipe Book

In addition to these recipes, you’ll also learn…

• How much salt to use in each meal (as a beginner I hated reading ‘salt to taste’ – who knows?)

• What not to include in that crucial last lasagna layer

• How to make the perfect tomato sauce and adapt it in future

• The best way to prepare basil leaves

• And much more...

“Your recipe book is a treasure trove of easy-to-make dishes. You just make life simple for pasta lovers.

“There is something for everyone inside, from easy dishes for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (like me!) to those who want to be more adventurous and try their hand at making their own pasta. My favorites? The “Much Loved Carbonara Sauce” and the “Easy Cream Penne Pasta” - so simple and delicious!"

- Maria De Alejandro,

What makes Pastastic different?

Pastastic Pasta CookbookPastastic is truly a beginner friendly cookbook, instead of merely paying lip-service to the idea.

That's because since I (Matt, a pasta-obsessed Brit) was lucky enough to marry into Marisa’s family, I've spent years learning these recipes and writing them in English for the first time.

But I’m no trained cook, so they have to be explained well for me to be able to pull them off!

I’ve asked every “Do what?” question - so you don’t have to!

Here's why Pastastic is such a fool-proof buy:

• Straightforward step-by-step cooking guides

• Steps are explained in chronological order - no confusing multitasking the first time you try a recipe

• I use clear plain English, not elitist cooking terms

• Pastastic is 100% full of pure pasta pleasure… not just one chapter like most Italian cookbooks!

• You’ll even learn lots of useful Italian terms and food history as you go. (Pasta puttanesca anyone? It’s a torrid tale...)

With Pastastic there's simply no room for confusion!

“I'd always wanted to make a lasagna but had been too nervous to try. The simple instructions in Pastastic were easy to follow and the vegetable lasagne was a hit with all the family. I also love entertaining, so the creamy Smoked Salmon Penne has quickly become my favourite dinner party recipe. I feel like a gourmet chef serving such a beautiful dish!

"With 123 mouth-watering pages of recipes, I won't be wondering what to cook for supper for a long time."

- Kate Oosthuis,

When you buy you’ll also receive 6 FREE bonus gifts!


Plan UK charity logo- How to make fresh pasta (mini-series)

Plan UK charity logo- How to make pesto (mini-series)

Simply click a link to download these videos onto your computer, then watch them whenever you like.

Lasagna ebook lasagna guideLasagna 101

This indispensable guide answers all the lasagna questions I’m regularly asked, including how to freeze it, store it and even count its calories.

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9 Fine Amaretto Recipes
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Get super-healthy and explore vegan cuisine with Patty “Sassy” Knutson of

Plus FREE e-mail support

With your purchase of Pastastic – The Recipe Book, you'll receive personal email support. Ask a question or get clarification anytime, I’ll be happy to help.

The price of all this? Just $7.95 (US)

BUY Pastastic Pasta Cookbook

Purchase with a standard credit card or via Paypal. Just click the pic above and choose the secure option that best suits your comfort level.

Plan UK charity logoPlan Promise: not only will buying Pastastic improve the tastiness of the dinners you make, but it will help make the world a better place - as $1 from every Pastastic sale goes directly to Plan International, an organization dedicated to lifting children around the world out of poverty.

“I thought I loved pasta before, but reading Pastastic changed all that… now I'm a pasta fanatic!

“Using the easy-to-follow instructions, I made a batch of homemade egg pasta that had such great flavor and texture it literally knocked the socks off the the dry pasta I had been using. I whipped up a batch of the smoked salmon penne featured in the book (substituting my homemade pasta for packet penne) and with the first bite I learned what true love really is.

“Thank you, Matt, for opening my eyes to a world of taste tempting pasta-bilities!"

- Bill,

Pastastic - The Recipe BookAccess a world of authentically tasty dinners and continental cooking know-how for the same price you’d pay for:

1 pasta course in a quality restaurant

• or roughly half an Italian cooking class

I think Pastastic will inspire you… to cook more Italian food, to experiment with ingredients, to make your own fresh pasta and visit glorious Italy if you haven't already.

pasta recipes made easy
Pastastic Recipe Book

Why an ebook?

• The biggest advantage of an e-guide like this is the instant delivery. You don’t pay for packaging or shipping, and there's no waiting time!

• You can download your book and start reading and cooking straight away

Print whichever recipes you like, whenever you like. Just print today’s recipe, then keep this printout in a folder to grow along with your pasta knowledge!

Immediately after you buy you can download the Pastastic ebook bundle onto your computer and start learning new pasta recipes, secrets and tips. I’ll also give you your exclusive download links for the 2 FREE Bonus Video Guides mentioned above.

(All ebooks are in Adobe PDF format. If your computer doesn’t have the Adobe Reader software, you can install it for free by clicking here.)

Pastastic Pasta Recipe Book GuaranteePastastic comes with a no-questions guarantee:
If you’re not satisfied in any way, just e-mail me within 8 weeks of your date of purchase – and I’ll issue your 100% refund immediately. No stress and no questions asked.

Get cooking today for just $7.95!

BUY Pastastic Pasta Cookbook

“What a great recipe book! I'm addicted to pasta, and the recipes here have really expanded my usual pasta repertoire (LOVED the rocket pesto recipe!).

"Got to say, though, that it was the fresh pasta section that I got really excited about. Much as I love to cook, I've always been a little nervous about tackling homemade pasta, but the directions in Pastastic provide just enough detail to get it right without instruction overload. Really wonderful!"

- Karen,

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