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Recipes by pasta shape

Penne Recipes / Ravioli Recipes / Fusilli Recipes / Cannelloni Recipes / Spaghetti Recipes

Penne Recipes

penne recipes If you have a box of penne pasta then this page will give you plenty of ideas on how to cook it. The thing to understand is this: short pasta shapes such as penne are just great for holding onto chunky sauces, so you can expect cheese, meat and cream in total abundance - delizioso!

Ravioli Recipes

ravioli recipes I've found that there's really no better way to impress dinner guests than serving them luscious homemade ravioli. And with these ravioli recipes, the process is really quite simple. All you need is plenty of time free and a strong rolling arm - then those moreish parcels are just a few short tasks away!

Fusilli Recipesfusilli recipes
Twirly fusilli pasta has a huge surface area relative to its size, which means that like penne above it's great for catching and carrying chunky-monkey sauces. It also works well - and looks great - in pasta salad dishes, so you'll find one of those on this page too.

Cannelloni Recipes easy cannelloni recipes
Take a pipe of pasta, stuff it with lip-smacking ingredients, smother over a rich sauce, pop in the oven and don't look back. Welcome to the wonderful world of Italian cannelloni cooking. From ricotta with spinach to beefy bolognese and chicken, if there's a tube free we're stuffing it!

Easy Spaghetti Recipeseasy spaghetti recipes
A great starter collection of simple Italian spaghetti recipes - running the whole gamut of dishes from 'spag bol', spaghetti with meatballs and simple baked spaghetti, through to a super-nutty pistachio delight and mightily moreish spaghetti carbonara.

Recipes by ingredient

Creamy Pasta Recipes / Easy Eggplant Recipes / Chicken Pasta Dishes / Shrimp Pasta Recipes / Pesto Recipes / Ricotta Cheese Recipes / Chili Recipes / Ragu Recipes

Cream Sauce Pasta Recipescream sauce pasta recipes
If there's a recipe on this site with cream in or anywhere near it, you'll find it on this dairy-lovin' page. From creamy salmon with long pasta to serious-stirring bechamel sauce and creamy bacon pasta, you should find a nice n' easy pasta recipe here to suit you.

Easy Eggplant Recipeseasy eggplant recipes
There are few ingredients more tasty and flexible than eggplant (called aubergine in Europe). These easy aubergine recipes prove it - cooking up a storm that includes baked dishes, an eggplant lasagna and a fake lasagna that doesn't even bother with pasta! Oh, and did I mention that eggplant is fat-free? Well it's true, at least it is before you fry it...

chicken pasta dishes
Chicken pasta dishes
Although not a typically Italian pasta ingredient, chicken makes for tasty cannelloni, sumptuous baked dishes and super-hearty soup. (If you love chicken I recommend you try my friend Katherine's excellent Chicken Recipes Made Easy website.)

Shrimp Pasta Recipesprawn shrimp pasta recipes
If you're a seafood addict then don't miss these crustacean-packing shrimp recipes. (Or if you call these medium-sized beasties 'prawns' in your country, that'll work too!) I kick you off on this page with a highly flexible seafood meal, followed by a molten zucchini delight.

Pesto Recipespasta pesto recipes
There's something satisfyingly simple about spending just a few minutes grinding or whizzing fresh ingredients together into a basic sauce that tastes just as good as many more elaborate pasta coverings. These pesto recipes prove it, including basil pesto, walnut and rocket pesto, plus Sicily's nutty version.

Ricotta Cheese Recipeseasy eggplant recipes
Milky and creamy ricotta cheese is one of the most satisfying ingredients around for stirring into a scrumptious pasta sauce or mixing through a pasta parcel's filling. The ricotta recipes here really make the most of this and include a simple ravioli dish, quality cannelloni, a 'wheely' good baked meal and much more.

Free easy chili recipesfree easy chili recipes
If you like your Italian pasta accompanied by a subtle, or not so subtle, spicy kick in the pants, then these chili pasta recipes should be your very first click. They span everything from seafood dishes to pasta soups, a bacony sauce and fiery veggie creations. Just be sure not to wipe your eyes... that's gonna sting!

Ragu recipeseasy ragu recipes
If you have time to spare, then let this growing collection of ragu recipes teach you the benefits of taking it reeeal slow. Meat-lovers will adore these sumptuous dishes, featuring pork, beef and/or veal. Just make sure you limber up your stirring arm first!

Extra recommendation: since I'm guessing you’re a fan of European cuisine, you might also love my friend Gaynor's glorious easy French recipes selection over at

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