Looking for authentic
Italian pasta recipes?

Then welcome to Pasta Recipes Made Easy, a site I've made just for you.

Authentic lip-smacking Italian pasta is really not difficult to make - and Pasta Recipes Made Easy proves it.

You don't need to be an expert. You don't need fancy equipment. And for most dishes, you don't need lots of time.

All you need is a love of food and a passion for doing it the Italian way.

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Does your sauce come in jars?

- Complete kitchen newbies should start with these easiest pasta recipes.

Looking for new recipes?

This site is full of pasta dishes that you won't find on mainstream cooking shows and other English food blogs. Just pick a category on the left to start browsing.

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Or maybe you have leftovers to use up?

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Recipe of the Month:

Recipe of the Month: Alpine-style mac n' cheese...

This Mexican-influenced beany pasta soup is one seriously hearty winter warmer. And it's ready in just 35 minutes!

Who am I?

My name's Matt and I’m a pastaholic Brit who has been lucky enough to marry into a family of Italian kitchen maestros.

With the help of my wife Laura, her super-patient Mamma Marisa and almost every other member of 'da family', I've gained the inside-track on how to cook delectable, mouth-watering Italian pasta.

And now I'm delighted to share what I've learned with you.

This site brings our family's combined pasta knowledge into one place, written in English for the first time. So rather than being stored solely in Mamma Marisa's brain or scribbled - in Neapolitan dialect - in old sauce-stained notebooks, these recipes are easy for you and I to look up and cook up.

As they say in Italy, buon appetito! I hope you enjoy this food as much as I do...


PS: Not quite convinced? Thinking ‘You know, I think I’ll just buy a ready-meal instead’? Then I urge you to click through to my very easiest section - where ZERO brain power is required, I promise!

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