How to make pasta: your easy guide

STEPS 3 INGREDIENTS 3 TIME 20-25 MINS Knowing how to make pasta from scratch really does not require major brainpower or any real skill… it’s simply a case of mixing up, folding and rolling the mixture. That’s it!

To learn how to make pasta, just click the Play buttons in order below – and in 25 minutes you’ll be the proud owner of seriously succulent fresh pasta. Combine this with pasta sauce and you’re officially an Italian cook!

Note: For my making fresh pasta photo guide, click here.

First, here’s why making fresh pasta is a great plan – including the ingredients you’ll need:

So, ready?… start with Step 1 of my fresh pasta guide:

Then click Step 2, which is all about making your dough ball…

Step 3 of making fresh pasta is all about the rolling:

Step 3 continues here…

That’s how to do it folks – authentic Italian style!

Last but not least, here’s an quick guide to turning it your fresh flat pasta into delicious tagliatelle:

What’s next?

You have your ready-to-cook tagliatelle, so now it’s time to turn these supple strips into a winning Italian pasta dish. Why not…

• Use this pasta to create a quick and delicious breakfast pasta.

• Alternatively, tagliatelle goes perfectly with many of the pasta sauces found on this site.

• Or… if you’d prefer to spend more time checking out all the pasta sauces on this site, cover your tagliatelle with kitchen paper for an hour or two.

(If you need longer, freeze your tagliatelle: space the strips evenly on aluminium foil sheets and stack in the freezer. Defrost at room temperature when required – this takes just half an hour.)


Recommended Tool: pasta rolling machine

A pasta machine will speed up your pasta rolling, and give you some valuable long pasta options.

Check out my full review – with video – of the excellent Imperia pasta machine.

I use this piece of kit myself – it’s great value and built like a rock!