Easy spaghetti recipe with scrummy nut and posh porcini mushroom

STEPS 5 INGREDIENTS 9 TIME 25 MINS Suitable for budding cooks of all levels, this easy spaghetti recipe combines yummy porcini mushrooms (which even ‘shroom-haters’ usually love), with your choice of earthy walnut or moreish pistachio nuts, charismatic saffron and an optional chili kick.


Did I mention this easy spaghetti recipe qualifies as ‘super simple’?

Well it is… it takes just 25 minutes to make – and unless you start frying and then fall asleep, it’s virtually impossible to mess this baby up. (If it were I would have – just ask my wife Laura…!)

The first time I enjoyed this mushroom pasta recipe (known in Italian as ‘pasta al funghi’), it just became an instant favourite. I hope you’ll feel the same way. Let’s try it and see…

Serves 2

Ingredients: (For a printable PDF shopping list click here, or right-click this link and choose ‘Save target/link as’ to save the list for later.)

200g/7oz packet spaghetti or linguini (or fresh vegan pasta works great!)

50g/1.75oz crushed walnut pieces /pistachios

10-15g/0.5oz bag of saffron powder

50g/1.75oz fresh or dried porcini mushrooms

Half a clove of garlic

2 ‘sprigs’ (small 10cm stalks) of parsley

Extra virgin olive oil



Optional: dried chili leaves


Pasta pan

Frying pan

Sharp chopping knife



STEP 1 – First let’s get prepared:

– De-shell the nuts and chop these finely.

Tip: Rocking a big chopping knife backwards and forwards over the nuts works for me.

– Peel the garlic clove, chop off its ends, and cut your half into very thin slices.

If using fresh porcini mushrooms… cut off just the very end of the stalks. Clean the remainder with kitchen paper (not paper, or they go soggy). Chop long-ways into 1/2cm slices.

If using dried porcini mushrooms… these should already be sliced. Drop them in a bowl of warm tap water for 15 mins (where they will expand), then take them out and rinse.

– Wash the parsley and remove its main stalks.

– Boil up a kettle of water and put this in the large pan on a low heat. Throw in a handful of salt.

STEP 2 – Using a pan of olive oil on a medium heat hob, fry the garlic until it browns (4-5 mins).


Turn down to a low heat and add: mushrooms, torn parsley leaves, 2 teaspoons of salt and a pinch of pepper.

Fry gently until the mushrooms soften and shrivel (see pic). Allow around 5-6 minutes for this.

STEP 3 – Add the chopped nuts and saffron powder. Mix well and fry for a further 2 mins. Then take off the heat.

STEP 4 – Crank up your pasta water and when boiling throw in the spaghetti or linguini.

Cook as per its packet’s instructions (usually 10 mins).

Note: In future, you can speed up this recipe further by starting to cook the pasta at the same time as frying the mushrooms.

STEP 5 – When the pasta is ready, drain and drop it in the frying pan.

On a medium heat hob, stir for 2 more minutes – until the spaghetti is covered in oil. Also add any dried chili you like.

Tip: If there isn’t enough oil to cover all the pasta, drizzle in just a little more cold.


As easy spaghetti recipes go, I reckon this one takes some beating.

To serve: My Italian family enjoys this dish on its own, although it is handy to have some softish bread around for oil and nut ‘mop-up’!

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