Why should lasagna sit after coming out of the oven?

Why shouldn't we eat it straight away, but rather leave it to sit?

Answer: Hi there. A couple of reasons...

The first purely a 'health and safety' reason. It's darn hot (and it stays hot for a little while)! Particularly if you've just cooked it, rather than re-heating a defrosted, previously frozen lasagna.

The second is that if you've just cooked it from scratch (again rather than reheating), this cooling period helps it to solidify a little, which is preferable to having very molten liquidy sauce inside.

This is also why I and my entire family of Italian in-laws (Mamma Marisa included) prefer to eat lasagna's the day after initial cooking, as this way their form is better (they stay together perfectly) and when their insides aren't quite as 'earth's core' hot, you can enjoy the taste better!

Buono :-)


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