Why is my fresh pasta breaking in the pan?

Hello, I made fresh pasta noodles for the first time last night with the CTC x1500 Pasta Express, and everything seemed to go smoothly until cooking.

Upon boiling, the 8"-9" noodles broke apart into pieces resembling soup noodles.

What did I do wrong?

Answer: Hi Deb - I'm really not sure. I've not heard of this before.

Did you dry the noodles after making them fresh? And then cook them?

If you do dry your fresh pasta, meaning it goes into the pan hard, then it's very easy to accidentally break noodles when stirring them in the pan.

But I can't really imagine that's what happened here.

What type of pasta dough are we talking about here? Egg-based?

You can drop more info in the comments below this post - maybe that will help get my brain creaking along a little faster ;-)

(If in doubt though, try again, and see if it happens again...)


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