Why does my pasta dough taste like eggs?

by Preston

I made a pasta dough recipe with 1 3/4 cups of all-purpose flour, 3 eggs, tsp salt, and tsp of olive oil and when I cooked it, it just tasted like cooked eggs.


Response: Hi Preston and thanks for posting your question.

Difficult to answer this one without a little more detail:

- When you say you made a pasta recipe, what process did you follow to make the dough?

- What pasta shapes did you make and how long did you cook these for?

My first reaction is that you're maybe not using enough flour compared to your number of eggs. Did you find the dough was very sticky when you were rolling it?

For example - my standard egg pasta ratio is 2 eggs per 250g/9oz of all-purpose flour (I don't know that in cups I'm afraid, as I don't usually use this American style of measuring).

If you can provide little more info, I'll try to help further!


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