Why does my lasagna dry up when I freeze it?

Pic: www.flickr.com/photos/kathycsus/

Pic: www.flickr.com/photos/kathycsus/

Hi - I layer my pasta, having made the bolognaise sauce, but I also use shop-bought white sauce.

This always dries up when I freeze my lasagne.

Am I storing it wrongly or should I make the white sauce myself?


Response: Hey P.

Simple answer to this one - it's true that lasagne always dry up a little when being frozen, so the key is simply to load them up with a little more sauce before you bang them in the freezer. Nothing clever, but this works.

And I would say definitely try making your own white/'bechamel' sauce. I reckon it should taste nicer and more creamy than the additive-packed shop-bought version.

I hope that helps - buon appetito!


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