Why does my fresh pasta taste floury?

by Andrea
(Tasmania, Australia)

When I made my pasta (before I came across this great website!) the pasta tasted floury.

Would this be because I might not be kneading it enough?

Or could it be the type of flour (I'm using plain flour)?

I haven't put salt in my dough either...



Hey Andrea, thanks for your question.

I believe it was the first issue you raised. Once you have mixed together your flour with the central egg mixture it's important to squash and fold (and repeat!) for at least 5 minutes.

This process will mix in all the flour and pop some nice little air bubbles inside the dough. That should work so try it next time.

Also make sure you don't use too much flour. When you have your flour bowl and have mixed the eggs in the center, then I usually remove most of the flour walls' thickness (scraping away the extra flour with the side of my hand). Then just add whatever flour is necessary as you mix and fold the dough.

In terms of salt, do add some in there (one pinch per egg works), as this brings out the taste.

Hope that helps. Try reading this fresh pasta guide, then give it another go (and do let me know how you get on!).

Buon appetito!


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