Why did my fresh orrechiette pasta taste doughy?

First, its so great that you have a Fresh Pasta Q&A! I spent a lot of time looking for one, so thanks in advance :-)

I made pasta for the first time last night. I don't have a pasta roller machine, and tried for an orecchiette shape.

They actually looked pretty good, if I say so myself, if perhaps a bit thick.

However, I never felt like they cooked properly, and that I came out with something more like, well, boiled dough. Which is obviously what pasta is... but I can't really think of a better way to describe them. Not appealing to say the least!

Any guesses? This was with water and AP flour. The recipe I followed called for 00 but said that it should be fine to substitute.


Response: Hi and congrats on starting your fresh pasta journey!

I think the 2 likely causes include one you've already mentioned:

* The thickness of your orrechiette shapes...

* And the second could be your cooking time.

First things first then, I suggest you have another try and go for smaller, thinner shapes - which means chopping the sausage of dough into thinner chunks.

Then when you cook, make sure the water is really boiling first (and salted of course). Throw your orrechiette in there, then stir until they all rise to the surface. Then, I usually give them another couple of minutes. If in doubt, try one from the pan.

I think if you pay particular attention to these two factors, your orrechiette should improve in a major way. I do hope so.

Writing that's gone and made me hungry!


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