Wholemeal flour for pasta

by 50something

I'm a beginner wanting to make pasta from fresh eggs. But I'm not quite clear yet from your site blog about flour types.

It seems as though specialised 00 flour is not absolutely essential. Wholemeal flour is generally courser. Is it better to use strong or pastry types of wholemeal? Would it be better to sieve the course bits out first whichever type I use?



Hi there and thanks for posting your question.

You are right that superfine 00 flour is not completely essential.

When making wholemeal pasta (see my whole wheat pasta recipe page) there are 2 things to consider:

* Buy standard wholemeal flour, not a specialised pastry type.

* Ensure you use a mix of 50% wholemeal and 50% general-purpose (or 00 if you have it) to make your dough. Wholemeal is so coarse that you simply cannot make a malleable dough using this alone.

I hope that clarifies matters :-) Do let us know how you get on...

Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

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