Which pasta maker should I buy to make all kinds of shapes?

by Robbie

This is Marcato's Regina machine - designed to help you make small pasta shapes

This is Marcato's Regina machine - designed to help you make small pasta shapes

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Matt.

I am keen to buy a pasta maker to make all kinds of shapes.

Would you be able to recommend the best place to look for and any recommendations and how much it might cost?

Also, any tips on what I should be asking or looking for as I would need to order it online?




Hi Robbie and thanks for your question,

In terms of pasta shapes, the vast majority of the home kitchen pasta machines available are dedicated to making and cutting long pasta shapes. Some of them also have ravioli attachments.

Of these great-priced home models, I highly recommend either:

The Imperia SP150 or the Atlas 150 pasta maker. These are both very good value buys (around US $70), they work great and they should last forever and a day. You can buy a range of long pasta attachments for these (plus they include a couple of standard), plus you can also buy ravioli maker attachments.

The only machines I personally know of that can produce small pasta shapes - outside of the large-scale industrial machines - are:

• The electric Lello 3000, which can make short macaroni and readers of this site like.

• The Norpro meat grinder/pasta extruder, which can produce short rigatoni tubes

• An extruder addition for the Kenwood Mixer.

• A similar KitchenAid extension for their stand mixer.

(The downside of the last two is that these mixers - and the attachments - are all pretty expensive, into the hundreds of dollars.)

• And finally, a little home machine designed purely for making short pasta is Marcato's Atlas Manual Pasta Extruder Regina. I actually have this machine and will be reviewing it in the next few weeks in the Best Pasta Maker section of this site!

My suggestion, value-wise, is to opt for either the Imperia or Atlas model, and then wait for my Regina machine review, or get busy making your short pasta shapes by hand! (I have various guides to help on this fresh pasta page.)

I hope that's helpful. Ciao for now,


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