Which is the least filling type of pasta?

Too much pasta for the sauce? <br>(Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hectoralejandro/)

Too much pasta for the sauce?
(Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hectoralejandro/)

Which pasta noodle is less filling - linguine or spaghetti?

Some dishes get overpowered by the noodle and I want to know which would be best served for certain dishes I make.


Answer: Hi and thanks for the question - it's certainly not one I've received before!

The answer is neither is more filling...

... they're just as filling as each other, based on the same brand of pasta and the same weight of pasta.

You're still eating the same amount of pasta. These different shapes don't contain a different density of pasta - at least not if you're comparing shapes from the same pasta range, from the same pasta producer.

Does that make sense?

That said... although the shape of the pasta noodles doesn't make a difference, the pasta's ingredients can have an effect.

To explain:

- Brown pasta made with wholewheat flour is typically the most filling type, because it's higher in fibre (i.e. much better for you - see What's the best pasta for a diet?).

- Next down in the stomach-filling stakes is white pasta made with egg.

- Which means - by a process of deduction - that pasta made with white flour but without eggs (it's commonly available, just check the packets' ingredients in-store) is the least filling type of pasta.

The difference won't be huge, and you'll likely still be stuffed afterwards... but you should be able to tell.

Or... you could simply make more sauce and less pasta per serving (note: Italians typically serve just 80g or 2.8oz of pasta per serving - way less than you would receive at a US restaurant for example).

Alternatively... you could even look at Chinese noodle variations, since most of these are - I believe - egg-free and are made from many different types of flour (rice flour etc.).

Also see: What's the difference between pasta and noodles?

I hope that helps!


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