Which is better - dried or fresh pici pasta?

by Jennifer

Hi - I want to recreate a dish we had in Tuscany. Can I use dried pici and will it be as good as fresh?

Should I substitute the dried pici for fresh spaghetti, since no one makes fresh pici and I do not have the time to make fresh pici pasta?

Thoughts: Hi Jennifer, sounds like a great plan - you cannot beat authentic Tuscan pasta!

The answer is, you can do either. Generally speaking, fresh versions of a pasta are always more succulent and, I think, hold the sauce a little better too.

However in your case I would stick with the dried pici (sometimes also called pinci), since there is a notable difference between
spaghetti, which is pretty thin, and chunky-monkey pici. Pici is also usually made with slightly different flour, so has a slightly different taste.

Just one pointer if you go this dried route - be sure to check the pici's cooking time carefully because it is so thick it usually requires almost double the boiling time of spaghetti.

Hope that helps. If you like what you make, please consider submitting your recipe for other readers to enjoy - via this page.



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