Which are real low budget recipes?

by D

Breakfast pasta - easy genius on a plate

Breakfast pasta - easy genius on a plate


Can you recommend some low budget recipes?

I have 4 people to feed, and less money is really better.


Hi D - sure, there are 3 cheap pasta dinners that spring to mind.

These low budget recipes use few ingredients, but are super filling... so you won't waste money snacking on cookies later in the evening!

Here goes...

1. Breakfast pasta
Butter, egg, salt and pasta. Use it to get rid off any leftover medium cheese too. Really simple and utterly delicious!

2. Pasta fagioli (bean pasta)
Just pasta, beans, tomatoes and garlic (and olive oil, but that applies to all of these!) Great for winter, this is truly hearty stuff.

3. Spaghetti carbonara
This is a real value winner - just eggs, a few bacon chunks and spaghetti. The only problem is it's so moreish!

Also: you'll also find that lots of the dishes in this site's really easy pasta recipes section also use only a few non-expensive ingredients (look out for pasta fagioli for instance). So that section is worth a look too!

Hope they help D - shout me back if you need any more tips,


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