Where to buy Italian sausage in Lausanne Switzerland?

Hi Matt,

Do you know where to buy Italian sausage in Lausanne, Switzerland?

Thank you,


Answer: one idea...

I thought I had loads of ideas of places you could try, but in fact - after speaking with the missus - it turns out we only know one Italian Italian place, which is the stall that sells fresh pasta at the Wednesday and Saturday morning markets in La Place de Riponne.

If you're heading into the square from the Manor side of town, their stall is on the right-hand edge of the market, about half-way back.

They're always very friendly and we think they have a small selection of dried salami-type sausages (guessing that's what you mean - hope so!). You must try some of their very varied ravioli too - we always grab a few types to freeze for easy weeknight dinners.

I hope this helps. If you find any more places, please drop a comment below to help other future readers too (luckily we have a bunch!).



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